6 Dog Grooming Recommendations While You Are On a Vacation with Your Pet

Who does not want their dog to look their best? But as we invest a fortune on grooming for your pup, consider doing this on your own. Not only it will save your tough-earned cash, but you can also look their grooming whilst you are on vacation. While you are investigating on lovely places for a vacation with your dog, take a look at their dog grooming advice too.

1) Baby Powder
The easiest way to remove their tangles is by sprinkling baby powder on them. It makes you able to comb tangles out with so much ease. Also, it will make your canine smell good, and do not worry, all baby powders are safe for pets.

2) Flea combs aren’t only meant for fleas
If you have a long-hair dog like Shih Tzu’s or Schnauzers, they might need a flea comb to comb their fur. Not only to remove the fleas, while they also make it simple to untangle the fur without causing any suffering or discomfort.

3) Trim the paws
It is believed to be positive to trim the hair around and in between your dog pads. It makes it simple for you to wipe them clean after being outside the house. If you do not take proper care or their paws, things like burrs or thistles are quickly stuck inside. Your pooch will also acquire greater traction on slippery surfaces without the long hair obstructing their pads.

4) Use appropriate brushes
There are hundreds options when it comes to choices of appropriate brushes according to the length of your dog hair. For short mane dogs, use short toothed comb and a curry comb. For medium -length varieties with undercoat, use Dematting combs and slicker brushes. For Doodle type pets, use a pin brush and a slicker or straight comb. For long hair dogs, use a double rake, straight comb and/or slicker.

5) Use recommended shampoo and conditioner
While on a prolonged travel, the fur of your dog is bound to get dirty. Use an all-natural shampoo and conditioner for dogs, not humans. You can also consult the animal medical practitioner to advise good brands for the same.

6) Rinse your dog well
After applying shampoo and conditioner, wash off your pet well with tepid water. You do not want your dog to be bothered by the leftover shampoo behind his ears or in other ignored places. Make sure you remove all the shampoo by rinsing the dog well.